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SAS Self-paced course includes ✓ 40+Hours of videos ✓ 1year access ✓ PDF Materials ✓Real Time Tasks ✓ Poject Based case studies ✓ Explination with SAS✓ Self Assements

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One Year Access to the Course
Soft Copy Materials
Course Completion Certificate
Course Based Quiz
Assessment Tests
Real Time Case Studies

SAS Full Course - Base, Advanced, CDISC, SDTM, ADAM, and TLFs

Welcome to Naidu Tutorial's comprehensive SAS Full Course. This program has been meticulously designed to equip you with a profound understanding of SAS Base, Advanced SAS, Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC), Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM), Analysis Data Model (ADaM), and Tables, Listings, and Figures (TLFs).

This self-paced course offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to learn SAS at your own convenience and speed. Whether you are a novice looking to start your journey in the analytics world or a professional aiming to hone your SAS skills, this course caters to all your learning needs.

What Is Self - Paced Course

A self-paced course is a type of learning program designed to be taken at the individual's own pace, rather than being tied to a fixed schedule. This type of course structure is common in online learning platforms and e-learning courses.

Key features of a self-paced course include:

1. Flexibility: The learner has the freedom to complete the course at their convenience. There are no fixed schedules or deadlines, so students can learn at a pace that suits their personal and professional commitments.

2. Accessibility: The course materials, such as video lectures, readings, assignments, and quizzes, are typically accessible 24/7. This allows learners to study whenever and wherever they want, as long as they have internet access.

3. Personalized Learning: Students can spend more time on topics they find challenging and less time on those they grasp quickly. This makes learning more effective, as it's tailored to individual needs.

4. Unlimited Revisions: In a self-paced course, learners often have the option to revisit lectures or materials as many times as needed, aiding in better understanding and retention of information.

5. Self-discipline and Responsibility: Although flexibility is a significant advantage, self-paced courses require students to take responsibility for their learning. They need to set their study schedule, stay motivated, and complete the course.

This type of learning is suitable for those who prefer studying alone, have unpredictable schedules, or want to learn at their own speed. However, it requires self-discipline and good time management skills to ensure that the course is completed in a timely manner.

 Course Overview

Our SAS Full Course is a comprehensive, in-depth program designed to instill in you the technical competencies and practical skills required to excel in the field of analytics.

You'll gain hands-on knowledge of SAS programming, its application in data analysis and visualization, along with a detailed understanding of CDISC, SDTM, ADaM, and TLFs.

The curriculum is broken down into easily digestible modules, each focusing on a different aspect of the SAS universe.


1. SAS Base: Learn the basics of SAS programming, including data management and manipulation. This module will help you understand the fundamental concepts of SAS software.

2. Advanced SAS: This module will delve deeper into complex data manipulations, optimizations, and advanced techniques in SAS programming.

3. CDISC: Gain a thorough understanding of Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) and its applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

4. SDTM: This module is dedicated to the Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM), exploring its role in data standardization in clinical trials.

5. ADaM: Acquire in-depth knowledge about the Analysis Data Model (ADaM) and its importance in ensuring statistical analysis and data traceability.

6. TLFs: Learn how to generate Tables, Listings, and Figures (TLFs), crucial components in the review and reporting of clinical trials.

 Key Benefits

- Learn at Your Own Pace: This self-paced course allows you to customize your learning speed and schedule according to your convenience.

- Expert Instructors: Learn from industry veterans with vast experience in SAS and clinical data analytics.

- Practical Approach: Gain practical experience through real-world examples and hands-on projects.

- Certificate of Completion: Earn a certificate upon course completion, a valuable addition to your professional profile.

 Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning SAS programming or looking to upgrade their skills. It's beneficial for:

- Data Analysts

- Clinical Data Managers

- Statisticians

- BI Professionals

- Students aspiring for a career in analytics

Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a proficient SAS programmer with our self-paced SAS Full Course!


Course Curriculum

    • SAS Materials and Software Unlimited
    • FAQ Session with Students Part-1 01:26:00
    • FAQ Session with Students Part-2 01:29:00
    • How To Write A Simple Program Using SAS 01:22:00
    • Introduction To SAS 01:41:00
    • Introduction To SAS-EDITOR WINDOW 00:57:00
    • Introduction To SAS- DIFFRENT WINDOWS 01:31:00
    • SAS Fundamentals 01:24:00
    • Different input methods in SAS 01:22:00
    • Formats And Informats in SAS-Part 1 01:14:00
    • Formats And Informats in SAS -Part 2 01:11:00
    • Infile Concept In SAS 01:30:00
    • Global Options In SAS 01:13:00
    • Proc Formate In SAS 01:35:00
    • Data Set Options In SAS 01:20:00
    • How To Import And Export Files In SAS 01:13:00
    • Different Character Functions In SAS- Part-1 01:33:00
    • Different Character Functions In SAS- Part-2 01:10:00
    • Different Numeric Functions In SAS 01:26:00
    • Proc sort and Proc pint Options in SAS 01:02:00
    • Merge concept in SAS Unlimited
    • Conditional Statements And Operators In SAS 01:16:00
    • Loops Concept In SAS 01:05:00
    • Revision of all Classes 01:17:00
    • Proc Transpose In SAS 01:05:00
    • Retain & Arrays Concept In SAS 01:05:00
    • Proc means with Realtime Concept In SAS 01:26:00
    • Proc Freq with real-time concept In SAS 01:01:00
    • Proc report with real-time concept In SAS 00:51:00
    • Graphs and plots real-time concept In SAS 00:42:00
    • Proc SQL SAS SQL In SAS 01:10:00
    • Macros In SAS – Part-1 00:55:00
    • Macros In SAS – Part-2 01:26:00
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